I had the incredible opportunity to work alongside Studio Tendril on the next generation of emojis for Microsoft. From the project’s inception, I played a role in the exploration of 3D design and animation direction for the emojis, and I was also an integral part of team responsible for bringing the emoji system to life.

My responsibilities encompassed the design and creation of over 400 emojis, spanning from delicious food emojis to expressive smileys and diverse human characters. My involvement in this project enabled me to showcase multi-disciplinary design skills while contributing to an innovative and captivating aspect of the digital world.

‘As the world moves toward hybrid work scenarios that blend in-person with remote, expressive forms of digital communication are more important than ever’ – Microsoft Design

Inclusivity, honesty and vulnerability are all elements we sought out to encompass in our new Emojis. We wanted our designs to celebrate the beautiful differences and imperfections in human expressions. Which is why our Emoji silhouettes aren’t 100% geometrically circular, but instead what we came to call the ‘imperfect circle.’
Every creative decision had to be scalable and flexible enough to convey the message behind each Emoji. To achieve this, we started with 2D illustrations using simple base shapes as a construction logic for all our Emojis before diving into 3D. Creating a design system that maintained consistency across the entire Emoji family.



Microsoft Team
Nando Costa, Claire Anderson, Cassie Klingler, Jason Custer, Judy Safran-Aasen, Sam Cundall

Production Company

Creative Director
Alexandre Torres

Matthias Winckelmann, Leo Mateus

Art Director
Rodrigo Rezende

3D Art Director
Jonathan Lindgren

Executive Producer
Ivelle Jargalyn

Emily McCallen, Brittany Sheahan

Jelena Sibalija

CG Supervisor
Ben Pilgrim

Andras Csuka, Felipe Medina, Henrique Athayde, Leo Natsume, Margarida Lemos, Runbo Chen, Plenty Studios

Lead Modeller
Flavio Diniz

Model, Light, Render
Aleksandra Liubas, Benjamin Lüthold, Dominik Grejc, Edgar Ferrer, Eric Macedo, Flavio Diniz, Gustavo Henrique, Leonardo Bortolussi, Plenty Studio, Rita Louro, Zach Landua

Tyrell Scott

Lead Animators
Will Sharkey, Samuel Bohn, Jonathan Lindgren

Dominik Grejc, Emiliano Flores, Flavio Diniz, Guilherme Vasconcellos, Hernan Lindenbaum, Jessica Herrera, Leonardo Bortolussi, Plenty Studio, Zach Landua

Corey Larson

Emoji Film

Creative Director
Nidia Dias, Chris Bahry

Executive Producer
Ivelle Jargalyn

Leo Mateus, Facu Labo

Emily McCallen

Jordi Pages, Lenar Singatullov

Flavio Diniz, Lenar Singatullov, Jordi Pages

Lenar Singatullov, Samuel Bohn

Lighting and Render
Brad Husband

Brad Husband, Astrid Cardenas